The Art and Science of Human / Machine Learning Design

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Our work is about discovery as we enter a new period where humans and machines will work together and form relationships that promise to advance our abilities to learn, do work and socialize. I welcome input from all visitors on how to leverage technologies and develop the best learning experience possible.

If you’re interested in contributing to this work or working with the AMG Center on customer projects please reach out using the contact for on this site. We’ll look at your qualifications and try to match you up with some of our projects if possible. Either way, thanks for your interest in AMG.

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Richard has 22 years in executive management positions as an intrepreneur, building new business units and in entrepreneurial endeavors. His expertise includes strategic partnerships, client relations, sales and marketing with a focus on technology enabled learning. Mr. Kristof is active in advancing learning technologies including next generation corporate university infrastructure, simulations and instructor led immersive learning. His passion for the appropriate use of gamification, neurocognitive tools for human performance improvement and workforce development form the basis of his work in next generational technology assisted learning.



Felicity Spowart is the Cognitive Research & Human Interaction Manager in IBM Research, where she is responsible for accelerating user experience innovation for intelligent technology systems. Central is seeing and articulating the vision and forging of new relationships between individuals and technology that enable systems to learn from and respond to sensory data about humans to deliver increasingly adaptive and productive interactions over time.



Mavi Interactive develops immersive training simulations and Serious Games. We partner with industry leaders in training and education to create a wide range of engaging learning tools. Our partners and clients benefit from our award-winning gamification methodology and our MAVI Serious Gaming Engine and Platform to drastically reduce deployment time and costs in solving challenging training problems.